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Our Columbia pest control company has a history of raising the standards of know-how when it comes to the organic pest control field. Our business is determined in our task of ridding your home, business, or commercial buildings of uninvited animals such as mosquitoes, wood borers, ants, larger animals, termites, rodents, and whatever other outdoor animals is living where it is not wanted. We use eco friendly procedures while undertaking jobs requiring Columbia pest control. We want to save you money in pest control damage protection by regularly investigating whether you have a pest problem which needs attention. We also do business inspections to survey the state of any current pest infestation. If it is found that callers do indeed have a pest problem, we will thoroughly exterminate them by utilizing state of the art technology and environmentally friendly extermination methods.

Pest Control is our Specialty

Call pest control in Columbia to get our maintenance and inspections. Food processing corporations requiring cleanliness, or any other number of businesses requiring regular pest inspections necessary for health purposes look to us for our years of know-how in pest control in Columbia. Always remember, our clients are assured that our Columbia pest control services are offered at a budget beating value. We specialize in pest control around Columbia for small or corporate office, home, and business needs. In additional, whatever type of pest control issue you have - it's not a problem, we eradicate them all and implement a long term shield of protection to keep your area pest free.

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Columbia Pest Control Company

When you call, you will find that we offer our specialized skills at prices that are very competitive for pest removal services of all types. We train some of the most skilled professional pest control in Columbia teams who are efficient and skilled, undertaking jobs with precision and delivering results of high standards. The area of the building doesn't negatively affect our job efficiency, regardless of if the building is small or enormous, we handle any infestation: for oversized rodents check out our Rodent Control services, and for swarms of mosquitoes, our Mosquito Control page. Some of the more costly pests are termites, which we also excel at exterminating, learn more on our Termite Control page. After our team has attended to whatever problem you have been suffering from, we guarantee that your pests problem will be over. The experienced staff we employ has been helping people with and managing Columbia pest control, giving our clients ways to make their buildings, homes and residences far more difficult for pests to infiltrate in the future. Our pest control in Columbia services are offered with pride in our work for every job done, and we have a devotion to customer satisfaction comes with dedication to excellence.

Pest Control Services in Columbia


Initial Inside Treatment (or Inside Re-treatments)

Indoor Pest Control Treatment
Future Services Pest Control Division guarantees thorough inspection of your home or workplace, making sure to examine the most common problem areas for various pests. We explore and treat around plumbing pipes to target ants, roaches and crickets feeding on the mooisture.
Under carpet tackstrips is also important as Ants, Spiders, and Crickets tend to trail along walls. It is also the usual entry point into the home from the outside foundation.

We may use non-toxic sprays around Windows & Door jams also in an effort to combat ants, bees, bugs, beetles, and other insects that may obtain easy access into your home from there.

It can be difficult for people to prevent food and drink spills in the kitchen, so baiting under appliances helps to control Ants, Roaches & other insects that tend to find food, moisture and warmth here. At the same time, we treat Untouchable wallboard areas to prevent and kill any pests foraging along the walls.
Attics are especially suited for pests like the Smoky Brown & American Cockroaches. They usually come in around vents and begin nesting in warm areas such as these. Our specialized baiting systems are strategically placed inside the home and have been proven time and time again to work well for problems such as inside ant and roach infestations.

Pest Control in Columbia SC

Many EXTERMINATING companies still do the same old thing....come inside your home routinely and spray along your baseboards. This practice, called "Pest Control" is both "out-dated" and unnecessary and relies on pests getting inside in order to be controlled.

Future Services, Inc. offers PEST PREVENTION. 98% of all pests originate outside and come inside for food and shelter. Our service focuses on areas outside where pest live and breed. Our Quarterly Program features 7-Steps/applications on the outside including the use of highly effective barriers, pest sealants, repellents, and baits, specifically targeting your pests, GUARANTEEING to STOP pests in their tracks and PREVENT them from getting inside your home. Why "Control" Pests, when you can PREVENT them....Call today for a FREE QUOTE for your home or business!

Schedule an appointment today and save big on creepy crawler control. pests belong outside but they can sometimes get into your home or place of business and do some serious harm. We're easy on nature, tough on creepy crawlers! People don't usually seal cracks in your home's exterior well enough to keep pests like ants, spiders and cockroaches from getting inside. Take action! Don't leave uncovered food sitting out. It can attract flies that might land on it and spread harmful bacteria.

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